11 Week Ecstatic Rebirth Of Your Inner Creatrix​​​​​​​

Rebirth yourself in your own image. It's time to reclaim your divine inheritance & step up as the Supreme Creatrix of your life.
Are You Ready?


Have you lost sight of your desires...Do you even KNOW what you really desire anymore?

It's time to let go of what they told you to do & how they told you to be!

You aren't a martyr for another person's desires, or a fucking catching mitt for what anyone else thinks life should be! 

This is where you burn the degrees, and gold stars of the good girl & step into the flames.
Ready to rise as a phoenix of the ecstatic, rebirthing your life in the image of your divinity?
​​​​​​​Ekstasis is a journey of discovering the truth of yourself. You before they told you who and what you should be...

Uncovering what you really desire...
​​​​​​Stepping up into your inherent ability to heal yourself...

& initiating yourself as Priestess, Creatrix & divine Queen of your life experience...

Taking the reigns & directing the show, as you learn to birth your inner visions out into your reality...
Life is a gift & it's too fucking short to do anything else.

This is a place for you to claim your divine inheritance. To step into a reality of pleasure, passion & inspiration flowing from your wildest imagination.
What you get:

- 10 1 on 1 90 min in person/ZOOM sessions over 11 weeks. With one week of rest & integration. 

-Email support with responses within 2 hours, ensuring that you have constant support in between sessions 

-Weekly self practices & tools. Not only to continue integration & awakening between sessions, but to teach you tools that you can utilize throughout the rest of your life. By the end of Ekstasis, you will know that you have the POWER to hold yourself. To be your own best lover, healer, guru and friend.

-The full passionate support of a Goddess who has been in the trenches, and knows that you have the full unbridled capacity to step into your power. Hell or high water, you have a muse in your corner. Reflecting your greatest gifts & prompting you to the realization of your own divinity.

Are you ready to transform into the Creatrix that you really are? 

Are you ready to step onto a path of self love, self pleasure & sovereignty?
Schedule a 60 min complimentary Divinity Dive with me. Ask any questions, share your vision with me, and see if Ekstasis is the right fit for you!

"Marisha has such a beautiful, gentle and strong presence and has this gift of putting exactly what you need to hear into the most poetic words. She is intuitive and loving and holds space incredibly well - she truly
​​​​​​​embodies healing. I highly recommend working with her."
-Demetra Nyx, Men's Coach
Step into 

"You are the altar, you are the offering & so completely the spirit that is called forth. You are the expression of the offering & the divine made manifest. An open devotional between you & your very spirit. A partnership with the universe itself, with your body as the intermediary, the temple in which you commune with the entirety of yourself. In consciously utilizing the tools inherent to us to fuel our own empowerment. We are able to reunite with the core of ourselves & the wisdom waiting to unleash within it. ​​​​​​​"

~Marisha Anana
  • Using the breath to clear stagnant patterns in the body
  • Conscious connected breath practices 
  • Sex Magic practice to conceive your visions & desires
  • Awakening the body as a pleasure power house
  • Primal sounding- Getting in touch with the wild women within
  • Creation of vows, spells & rituals to empower the spirit in the material
  • Inner child & Mother/Father theater practices
  • Inner divine feminine & masculine connection
  •  Self pleasure rituals- Awakening love & deep relationship to the body
  • Full body orgasm awakening 
  • Dance meditation
  • Guided meditation & trance to retrieve lost parts of self
  • So much more across the board...
"This was the most amazing experience I ever had in my life. Marisha explained everything to before we started which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She took my body on a journey that I never knew it could reach. My mind, body and soul were so relaxed and pleased that I didn’t even want to move. I definitely will do it again. Thank you."
-Tina C. New Orleans, LA
Divine Intoxication 
Ekstasis is an 11 week journey marrying the conscious with the unconscious parts of self. This is a marriage of the body & spirit. For the women who is ready to live life on her terms, from her desires in full ownership of who she is.

Long after I step away from your journey, it will continue to unfold. As you step into a renewed devotion to self. Enabling you to step into your inherent ability to heal yourself, & guide yourself. This is a journey into your freedom, your truth, and your deepest desires. 
If this speaks to you, schedule a 60 min complimentary Divinity Dive call.

I offer sessions in person in New Orleans, LA & over Zoom. Please go to the sidebar of my website by clicking the W at the bottom of this page for an updates travel schedule.

​​​​​​Raining wild ecstatic love into your life,
Marisha Anana
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